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Tips for Holiday Decorating

When you attach holiday lights or other décor to your house you always run the risk of damaging your roof. We recommend hiring professionals who have the proper equipment to get the job done with minimal chance of damage during the putting-up and taking-down process. But for all the intrepid Clark W. Griswolds out there, keep these tips in mind as you decorate.

Test lights before you put them up

Save yourself a lot of time and hassle by putting the lights up once.

Avoid walking on the roof

Walking on a roof—especially a snowy and icy one—can be dangerous for you, but it’s also hazardous for your shingles. It’s easy to loosen tiles or damage the surface, and a slip and fall could be an emergency for both you and your roof.

Use the right ladder

Make sure your ladder is the right height for the job and is firmly resting on an even surface—on the ground and on your house. And don’t forget to have someone hold the ladder from below for added assurance.

Don’t use staples or nails

Staples and nails create holes in your roofing system, which create access points for moisture. Only use clips and hangers that are specially designed for hanging under eaves or gutters. To secure larger decorations, run cords or rope to anchor points on the ground or trees rather than on roof vents or chimneys.

Got a little carried away with decorating? The experts at Hampton Roofing can assess your roof for any damage and make all the necessary repairs. Call us today!

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