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Spring Roof Maintenance

Winter weather is hard on your roof. Snow, wind, rain, hail and temperature extremes all contribute to wear and damage that should be fixed before small problems lead to bigger ones. As spring approaches, and the rainy season begins, go through this checklist to spot any issues early so you can maintain the health and extend the life of your home’s roofing system.

Clean your gutters

Dirt, leaves, pine needles, bird nests and other debris can build up, creating clogs and trapping moisture—the worst enemy of your roof.

Trim tree limbs

Anything close to or touching your roof should be trimmed back to prevent scraping and the premature deterioration of your shingles.

Inspect your roof for missing or damaged shingles

Check around the perimeter of your house for any shingles that may have fallen off. Also check the flashing and vents and make immediate repairs.

Check the attic insulation and ventilation

A well-insulated and well-vented attic is critical to preventing ice dams and reducing moisture.

Look for signs of moss, algae or mold

A damp roof that never fully dries out after a rain is susceptible to damaging moss, algae or mold growth. Consider zinc strip for prevention on certain homes.

Examine the chimney

Check for any damage to the caulking, mortar, joints and flashing around your chimney.

Call in the professionals for a roof inspection

Many problems aren’t obvious to homeowners. A professional roofing contractor can check for early signs of weather, water, tree, insect and animal damage before they affect the integrity of your roof and cause you major headaches and big bills down the road.

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